CM Studios

CM Studios has the ability to offer a vast array of services from Instrumental Lessons
for any age or experience, Studio Recording, Rehearsal Rooms and Courses.


Our studio runs a broad range of software including Pro Tools, Cubase, Logic,
Alberton and top of the line equipment allowing us to record up to 32 tracks.
Whether you’re an Original/Cover band,
Duo/Trio, School or even an Orchestra we can accommodate you.

Located at Central Musik one will find a roomy control room, large main studio and
vocal booth, we have separate teaching studios and rehearsal space.

Keep an eye out for our Recording Specials!!

We Can Come to You:

With our smaller Protools rack in hand  we have the ability to record
Live at a venue of you choosing. Don’t let that fool you as our larger
equipment is also portable for those bigger events.

Rehearsal Rooms:

Our large main studio can be booked for any size band to jam, rehearse or to record.

All our rooms are equipped with a Vocal PA and accessories

Feel free to pop in and have a chat with one of our team,
give us a call on 03 5461 1435, or even drop us a message
via our Facebook page.

Room hire from $50 per session.